Aikatsu! Sweets Mascot is a gashopon collection set released in 2015. The set features Akari Ozora, Hinaki Shinjō, Sumire Hikami, Juri Kurebayashi, Rin Kurosawa, and Madoka Amahane.


  • Card x1 (6 in total)
  • Mascot x1 (6 in total)


Starlight School Donuts Box

A pale pink donut box with Akari on the side of it, next to the Starlight symbol. On the sides of the box are two star-shaped donuts; one is pink with small red candies, while the other has white frosting on the top of it, decpiting a pale blue S in the center. Attached to the chain is a pink star resembling the donut.


Two small chocolates that slightly resemble the shape of a matroyoshka or balancing doll. One is dark blue with Rin drawn on it in a simplified style, while the other is sky blue with Sumire on it.

Vivid Kiss Gummy Candy

A bright yellow and blue bag with Hinaki on the lower left corner. Above her is Vivid Kiss, and Fruit Gummi. Across the background is a rainbow, along with a pile of strawberries and a lemon slice. Next to Hinaki is a vibrant pink pair of lips, resembling a gummy.

Angely Sugar Cute Drops

A light blue tin with silver metal on the top and bottom. A white tulle design traces the top and bottom with Madoka on the right side of the container. Next to her is the Angely Sugar logo, with Cute Drops placed below it. Small pink objects decorate the container.

Sangria Rosa Cookies Can

A red can with Juri depicted on it, with Sangria Rosa and Cookies wrote next to her. Beneath her is a pile of various cookies, while a pale gold ring circles her. The background is a red plaid.



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