Aikatsu! Starlight School Stationery Set is a limited edition Premium Item released by Bandai.
Stationery Bag


  • Carrying Bag x1
  • File x1
  • Notepad x1
  • Miniature Notepad x1
  • Pen x1
  • Envelopes x4



The item the set is included in. It is a dimple, dark blue velvet material with a fuchsia heart that has a tiny star in it's upper corner. Above it is Aikatsu! Style.


A silver pen with the tube a gradience of various pinks and clear. On top is the Starlight Academy star logo and below it rests a single depiction of each Idol type - Cute, Cool, Sexy, and Pop.

Notepads and File

A pink and white diamond pattern object with a thin border that has a fancy star gold design in each corner. On the file is a wisp of navy, fuchsia, and white, which acts as the spine on the smaller objects. Depicted on the center is the Starlight Academy logo, while below it is a simple phrase wrote in cursive english. Below it is a line which each of the four idol types, and next to it is a pink and white image of the starlight uniform. A line below it has Aikatsu! wrote in gold cursive.


Four various styles of envoples that come in blue, milk-blue, and pale blue. One is a a striping of milk-blue and pale blue with a dark blue star design in each corner and a smaller, fancy design on the opposite corners. The second resembles a typical envelope with the seal shut by the Starlight Academy logo, while the back has room for a message or included details. A stamp is on the corner, while it has a border of white, dark blue, and milk-blue stripes.

The third is milk-blue with the Starlight Academy logo in the center and a plain dark blue border. The last resembles the page out of a memo book and has the starlight logo in the lower corner. The borde is dark blue with smaller stripes.


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