Aikatsu! Star Donut Maker is a baking toy made in 2015 by Bandai.


  • Star Mixer x1
  • Star Donut Shaper x1
  • Heart Donut Shaper x1
  • Recipe Card x1
  • Promotional Aikatsu Card x1
  • Picks x 4
  • Spoon x1
  • Knife x1
  • Donut Hole Shaper x1
  • Design Plates x3


The entire set is pink themed with accenting shaped like a star.

Star Mixer

A translucent cup with a pale pink topper that gets put onto the top of it. It has holes on each side to pour the mixture out. The handle on top is hot pink to match the hot pink, star-shaped mixer.

Design Pieces

There are three possible design pieces one can use to place onto a donut: one with a big S and a small star, one with the Starlight Academy Star symbol, and one with a chibified Akari.


Four small sticks with a circle on top with the S and star shape on the center. Writing circles the symbol and to the side are two small bookmark ribbons.



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