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Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! (アイカツ!フォト on ステージ!!) is the 2nd mobile app of the Data Carddass Aikatsu! arcade series. Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the game was released on January 27, 2016.


  • Price: Payment required for in-app purchases
  • Genre: Idol Life Trial Live Simulation
  • System: iOS; Android
    • iPhone 4S to iPhone 6S
    • iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini
  • Purchase Method: App Store/Google Play


Live Simulation

Using the Aikatsu! Photo System, images of idols in different coords will be available for you to create your own unit and to perform in live stages.

Story Mode

The app comes with numerous original stories for users to play.

Four Star Academy

Starlight School

Dream Academy



  • Revive! 2wingS - Scenarios 1 ~ 7
  • Chocolate and Growth☆Choco Pop Detectives! - Scenarios 1 ~ 7
  • Surprise Poppin' Day☆ - Scenarios 1 ~ 7
  • Blooming☆Dool Festival - Scenarios 1 ~ 7
  • Soleil & Luminas Live! - Scenarios 1 ~ 7
  • Please Venus!! - Scenarios 1 ~ 7
  • The Secret Tea Party - Scenarios 1 ~ 7
  • Miracle! WM - Scenarios 1 ~ 7

Song List

In-App Purchases

  • Shining Star
    • Used when purchasing "Special Going Outs" (recruiting)

Game Events

Main article: Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!/List of Game Events


Main article: Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!/Cardlist


Main article: Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!/Image gallery


External Link

  • [1] - Official Mobile Webpage

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