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The Aikatsu! Official Fan Certificate is a special, official Aikatsu Shop product produced by Bandai. It is a way for fans to show off their admiration for a specific idol by signing their name onto the back of it.

Each card has a plain and glittering variant, and includes an autograph poster or a special designed poster with the autograph on it.  

Season 1


Ichigo poses before a bright pink themed background full of pale yellow and white stars shooting from pale purple, hot pink, and light blue trails. On her side is writing of Aikatsu! Idol Katsudo! in yellow with her name beneath it, along with Ran and Aoi's. The three girls are shown posing on top of it. A white tulle design is on the lower left corner.


Aoi poses before a dark blue and indigo background. Aikatsu! and Idol Katsudo! is wrote in dark blue, with names beneath it. Pale yellow, white, and dark blue stars shoot out from behind her with trails of raspberry, purple, and blue. A white tulle design is on the bottom left corner. On the side of Aoi is the same writing in yellow, with Rain, Ichigo, and herself posed on top of it.





Sakura is posed before a light green themed background. Stars of pale yellow and white come with beams of orange, hot pink, white, and ivy following them, while writing in the background comes in dull red. Next to Sakura is writing in yellow, while a single piece of beige-white tulle lines on the bottom left corner.


Kaede is posed in her season one school uniform with Aikatsu! Idol Katsudo! in bright yellow. The background is a gradience of mauve, various blues, and green. Writing behind her is in purple, along with white shine markings and stars of white and pale yellow. At the lower left corner is a piece of white design that resembles tulle.


Hikari (Released during Season 2)

Hikari is posed to the left with the Starlight logo on the upper right. The background is a mixture of purple, lilac, raspberry, and pale indigo with the writing in dull grey-beige.

PowaPowa-Puririn (Released during Season 3)

Sakura, Otome, and Shion pose together in their idol unit coords. Aikatsu is wrote in white, blue, pink, and green bubble letters with fuchsia polka-dot print. Their unit logo rests on the upper left corner, while the backgroun is pale pink with large polka-dots of fuchsia. A rainbow of blue, green, yellow, and orange spreads across the back.

Soleil (Released during Season 3)

Ichigo, Ran, and Aoi pose before a background of light orange and gold stripes. It has a very thin gold border design to match the fancy diamond and sun shapes all over it. On the top left corner is the Soleil unit logo, while Aikatsu! is wrote on the bottom in red.

Tristar (Released during Season 3)


Season 2


Ichigo is posed on a background of pink, pale pink, peach, and lemon. The writing is a gradience of pale pink, peach, and pale yellow. Her shadow is gold, while stars and dots accent the card in raspberry.


Aoi is on a background of acidic green, lime, pale melon, and dull blue. Her shadow is a light turqoise, while white stars tinted by the other colors are randomly placed. The writing is melon and pale lemon.


Ran is posed on the left side with the Starlight Academy logo on the right. Aikatsu!, along with her name are wrote in lilac-white gradience. The background is a mixture of pale purple, blue, white, purple, and pale pink.


Seira is posed on a background of red, pale red, and purple. The writing is pale purple and pale peach.




Maria stands on the left with the DreAca logo on the right corner. The writing is a mixture of gold, pale yellow, and peach-pink coloring. The background is deep, dull orange, goldenrod, white, and yellow.


Mizuki is posed with a light orange shadow behind her. The background is crimson, bright orange, dull pink, and peach. The writing is pale pink to peach and pale yellow gradience. Stars of yellow, pale orange, and purple. WM rests in the upper right corner.


Mikuru is posed in front of a fuchsia background with a gradient of light blue, pale yellow, and white spots nearing the opposite side. Various stars of peach and yellow adorn it. Aikatsu! and her name are wrote in gold, while WM rests in the upper right corner. Her card is glittery.

Her poster features a full-body picture of Mikuru with her name wrote on the bottom in hot pink. The aikatsu logo is on the upper left corner, and her signature is near the bottom left. At the top right corner and bottom left is rainbow gradient material with rainbow bead chains on top of them and on each corner. A single red and gold bow sits on the corner. The background is peach-pink with tiny white glitters, sparkle shapes, and light bubbles fill it; along with palm trees of green and yellow, white and orange flowers, and small crystals.

Stars (Soleil,Mizuki,Hikari)

This card features Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran posed in their school coords. On the right is Hikari, wearing the Nocturne coord, while Mizuki is on the left side, wearing Summer Day Moon Coord. The background is a gradience of dull blue and purple with faded stars and dot textures. Aikatsu is wrote in pink-white gradience and lined in navy.  

Stars (DA,Mikuru)


Season 3

For this series, the characters have a basic background based on their theme colors in a gradience with music lines and stars. The logo of the school is in the upper left corner with their name and Aikatsu wrote next to them.


Akari's card is pink themed with her name wrote in hot pink.


Sumire is posed on a dull blue, white, and indigo themed card. Her name is wrote in dark blue and purple.


Hinaki poses before an acid yellow-green background with dots of dull melon and ivy. Her name is wrote in bright blue, while her shadow is a dull, dark green.



Her card resemles Sumire's, but features light purple colors. Her name is wrote in dark purple.

Her autograph poster is purple, white, and dull pink gradient with pink flowers, white petals, and purple stars decorating it.


Madoka's card is pale blue and white themed with her name wrote in pink.

Her poster is pale blue with a bordering of pale blue and pale pink stars. At each corner are feathers of the same colors, along with golden pearl chains.


Yū and Miyabi

Yu and Miyabi are posed together, wearing coords from their prefered brands. The background is purple themed with their names wrote in dark purple. On the upper corner, Official Shop Supporters is wrote in yellow and purple.


Official Art Gallery

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