Aikatsu! Medicated Lip Balm is a duo series of lip balms made by Bandai. Representing it is Angely Sugar, with a fragrance
Lip Balm
and flavour of Peach and Berry. The second has the flavouring and fragrance of Lemon and Orange and is represented by Vivid Kiss.


Angely Sugar

A hot pink tube with a pink cap and twisting bottom. A pink glittering star hangs from a silver chain with Angely Sugar wrote in white on it. The design on the tube is a gradient of pale shades of pink with glittering and shine designs, along with a pearl lining, pastel flowers, pale white feathers, and a single cyan heart next to a pale mint macaron. The angely Sugar logo is designed on a white tulle section in the center with a pale blue and white ribbon resting on the upper right corner with a pink heart in the center.

Vivid Kiss

A lemon-colored tube with a matching cap and twisting bottom; both of which are lined by a section of blue denim. A gold glittering star hangs from a silver chain with the Vivid Kiss logo wrote in white on it. The design is composed of the Vivid Kiss logo, colorful badges, star decals, beads, and tiny gems.


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