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Aikatsu! Idol Directory
Aikatsu! Idol Directory
ISBN ISBN 4092805012 (10)

ISBN 978-4-09-280501-9 (13)

Release Date July 23, 2014
Publisher Shogakukan
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Aikatsu! Idol Directory (アイカツ!アイドル名鑑 Aikatsu! Aidoru Meikan) is a directory book of idols appeared in Aikatsu! series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Know all about Aikatsu!☆

This is a book about idol profiles and the world of Aikatsu!. There are total two bonus beautiful cards in! It will be cool-typed jersey and shoes. The exact same coord as seen in the anime, only could be found in this book.
The cover will be an exclusive original illustration of Ichigo.

Promotion CardsEdit






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