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Toy girlyrockguitar

Aikatsu! Girly Rock Guitar (アイカツ!ガーリーロックギーター) is a guitar toy based on Seira Otoshiro's guitar. It was released on October 26, 2013.

The Price is 5,800 Yen

Play ModesEdit

Performance ModeEdit

The performance mode has four sub-modes:

  • Electric Guitar Mode
  • Bass Mode
  • Acoustic Mode
  • Shamisen (three-stringed Japanese musical instrument) Mode

Game ModeEdit

The game mode has two sub-modes:

  • Memory Mode
  • Rhythm Game

Fortune ModeEdit

Ichigo Hoshimiya's and Seira Otoshiro's voices will tell your fortunes:

  • Idol Fortune
  • Friendship Fortune

Featured SongsEdit


  • Guitar
  • Guitar Pick
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Lyrics Book
  • Aikatsu! Card

Promotion CardEdit

  • Card Number: PP-002
  • Card Name: Noisy Pianist Shirts
  • Type: Cool
  • Category: Tops
  • Brand: Swing Rock
  • Rarity: -
  • Lucky Star: ★★★
  • Dress Appeal: Tops Wave
  • Appeal Points: 200


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