Aikatsu! Cosme - Cologne Unit are sets of perfumes that based on a mixture of brands. There have currently been two releases of this product. Each release comes with a promotional card.

The first product was the Cologne Unit Fresh Flavor. It is a set of two fresh perfumes and is one of the two sets one can get. It was released in 2014. It was represented by the brands Angely SugarAurora Fantasy, and Futuring GirlMagical Toy, and Swing Rock. The promotional card released with it was the Daisy Fairy Skirt. One perfume is strawberry scented, the other is lemon-scented.

The renewed version of this product, Cologne Unit Juicy Flavor, was released later on in the same year. It was represented by the brands LoLi GoThiC, Spicy Ageha, Bohemian Sky, and Happy Rainbow. The promotional card released with it was the Noisy Pianist Shoes. One perfume is grape scented, the other is peach scented.


Image Release Date Fragrance Brands
Fresh Colon
-, -, 2014 Fresh Flavor Angely SugarAurora Fantasy, Futuring GirlMagical Toy, Swing Rock
Juicy Colon
-. -. 2014 Juicy Flavor LoLi GoThiC, Spicy Ageha, Bohemian Sky, Happy Rainbow

Promotional Cardlist

Fresh Flavor

  • Card Number: PG-099
  • Card Name: Daisy Fairy Skirt
  • Type: Cute
  • Category: Bottoms
  • Brand: Aurora Fantasy
  • Rarity: Normal
  • Lucky Star: ★★★
  • Dress Appeal: Bottoms Charm
  • Appeal Points: 150

Juicy Flavor

  • Card Number: PG-103
  • Card Name: Noisy Pianist Sandals
  • Type: Cool
  • Category: Shoes
  • Brand: Swing Rock
  • Rarity: Normal
  • Lucky Star: ★★★
  • Dress Appeal: Hopping Shoes
  • Appeal Points: 250

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