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Aikatsu! Brand Collection (アイカツ!ブランドコレクション) is Jumbo Cardass set that contains various coords for each brand featured.

The first series contains the coords from the first six brands released which are Angely Sugar, Futuring Girl, Spicy Ageha, Happy Rainbow, LoLi GoThiC, and Aurora Fantasy which also reveal's the name of Sakura Kitaoji and released on March 2013.

The second collection contains Magical Toy's Step Magician coord and Love Queen's Party Queen coord and released on July 2013.

The third series has been released on October 1, 2013. The brands featured are Angely Sugar, Futuring Girl, Spicy Ageha, Happy Rainbow, Magical Toy (Ki Saegusa's version), and Swing Rock.


Main article: Aikatsu! Brand Collection/Promotion Cards.


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