"Aikatsu, Aikatsu! My effort isn't enough! I'm going to start practicing more!"
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Aikatsu! Anime & Comic
Book 978-4-09-112513-2
ISBN ISBN 978-4-09-112513-2
Release Date July 25, 2013
Publisher Shogakukan
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Aikatsu! Anime & Comic (アイカツ!アニメ&コミック) is a fanbook-like all-colored-pages book released by Shogakukan. This book contains summarized contents from the anime and Akane's manga.

Publisher's Summary

"Aikatsu!" anime information and the tightly all-colored manga, this is an exciting book!
The popular LoLi GoThiC's Tops, Bottoms and Shoes set of 3 Aikatsu! Cards is also included! [1]




  • Chapter 1: Idol Activity, is Starting! (第1話 アイドルカツドウ、はじまります!)
  • Chapter 2: Special Audition! (第2話 スペシャルオーディション)
  • Chapter 3: Aoi's Loli Gothic Coord (第3話 あおいのロリゴシックコーデ)
  • Chapter 4: A Performance with Mizuki (第4話 美月ちゃんとライブ!)
  • Chapter 5: Fresh! New Freshmen Students! (第5話 フレッシュ!新入生)
  • Chapter 6: Shine★Fashion Show (第6話 かがやけ★ファッションショー)
  • Chapter 7: Kaede Magic! (第7話 かえでマジック!)

More!! Aikatsu!


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