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Aikatsu! Angely Sugar Selection (アイカツ!エンジェリーシュガーセレクション) is an accessories or lifestyle set released with the theme of Angely Sugar. The promotion cards are re-recorded from Aikatsu Phone ~excellent~. This series include a mirror, a pouch, and two scrunchies (blue and pink). Each box also include a soda-flavored gum.

Promotional Cardlist

  • Card Number: PG-049
  • Card Name: Blue Argyle Cardigan
  • Type: Cute
  • Category: Tops
  • Brand: Angely Sugar
  • Rarity: -
  • Lucky Star
  • Dress Appeal: Tops Wave
  • Appeal Points: 250

  • Card Number: PG-050
  • Card Name: Blue Pleat Skirt
  • Type: Cute
  • Category: Bottoms
  • Brand: Angely Sugar
  • Rarity: -
  • Lucky Star
  • Dress Appeal: Bottoms Charm
  • Appeal Points: 300

  • Card Number: PG-051
  • Card Name: Girly Navy Loafer
  • Type: Cute
  • Category: Shoes
  • Brand: Angely Sugar
  • Rarity: -
  • Lucky Star
  • Dress Appeal: Hopping Shoes
  • Appeal Points: 200

  • Card Number: PG-052
  • Card Name: Blue Ribbon Headband
  • Type: -
  • Category: Accessories
  • Brand: -
  • Rarity: -
  • Lucky Star: -
  • Dress Appeal: -
  • Appeal Points: 150
  • Single Effect: (Appeal point bonus) Normal cards appeal point will be up!


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