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Angely Cosmetics
 Aikatsu! Angely Sugar Cosmetics
is a set made by Bandai released in 2014 featured Angely Sugar.


  • Cosmetic x (4 in total)
  • Gum x1


Lip Gloss

Clear Pink comes in a clear bottle with frosted-pink coloring near the top. At the center is Angely Sugar wrote in frosted-pink with lip gloss wrote below it. Surrounding the logo are pale pink-white pieces of lace and many various styled pastel flowers. The cap is a pale frosted-pink. The Pearl Pink lip gloss is a clear tube with hot pink lip gloss inside of it. On the front is a pale pink lace and tulle design with the Angely Sugar logo a few inches from the bottom. From it is a hot pink trail with a white dot and heart pattern, and on top is a fuchsia bow with a heart trail circling it. The cap is a pale frosted-pink.

Cheek Color

A pale, frosted-pink compact with the angely sugar logo wrote in gold with sparkles, a long ribbon, and Cheek Color wrote under it.


A clear tube with a sky blue cap on top. On it is pale yellow coloring with clear polka-dot print. At the center, Angely Sugar is wrote in red and yellow with Gel Cologne wrote beneath it in white. It rests in a cyan word mist bubble lined in pink, with a few pink liked hearts, flowers, and wings surrounding it. The spray comes from a pink-themed bottle with blue accenting and Angely Bear's face on a white background. The cologne has a floral scent.


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