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Besides the making of four video games: Aikatsu! Cinderella Lesson, Aikatsu! Both of My Princess, Aikatsu! 365 Idol Days, and Aikatsu! My No.1 Stage! there are various 3DS accessories and objects for the game system for players to collect.

Most of the items are inspired by brands. 

3DS LL PouchEdit

A small carrying pouch for the 3DS. It consists of a section for the hand-held, four flaps for any DS system game or memory cards, and a small net section to hold various other accessories.

So far, they have been based on Spicy Ageha and Angely Sugar.

Spicy AgehaEdit

The box design features a purple and lavender diamond pattern with lilac sexy idol-type spades. The writing is in white and pale pink, with the Aikatsu logo on the upper left corner and an image of Ran to the right.

The case is purple with a dark purple zipper track. On the front is the Spicy Ageha logo on top of a lilac vine with various roses and tiny leaf attached to it. Small, white diamond-shaped sparkles and purple-themed butterfly are scattered around it.

On the back, the vine design lines each corner with two butterflies and the small diamond-shaped sparkles. In the middle is Aikatsu! Idol Katsudo! wrote in lilac. The inside of the case is black with accenting of purple and dark purple. 

Angely SugarEdit

The box is pale pink diamond print with writing of pale pink and white on top of cute-type idol hearts. Ichigo is posed on the right side of the case in her Season 2 School coord.

The case is a pale, frosted-pink color with a pink zipper track. The angely Sugar logo is wrote in light pink and white, on top of a blue and white striped ribbon tied into a bow. A small pair of chibified wings are on each side of the bow, along with three gold cute-type hearts.

The back has Aikatsu! Idol Katsudo! wrote in white on top of a large, light pink cute-type heart. It has a chibified angel wing on each side, surrounded by three gold cute-type hearts on the right and four on the left. The inside of the case is black with light pink accenting.

There is alternate design that comes with a powder blue zipper track and an inside color scheme of powder blue and light pink.


Hard CoverEdit

A two-piece item to cover the 3DS. It is a hard plastic material beneficial for protecting the device and giving it a custom design. They can only fit the 3DS LL systems.

They started to be released during December 2013, and so far featured are Angely Sugar, Spicy Ageha, Love Moonrise, and Swing Rock.

Angely SugarEdit

The design is of a pink gradience background with a print of pale pink tiny hearts. Going down the right side is a custard-yellow tulle design with a blue and white striped ribbon on the upper right corner. Beneath it is the Angely Sugar logo. On the left side are two custard Cute-type hearts, and on the bottom left corner of the back case is the Aikatsu logo. On both cases is a scattered design of cyan, dark purple, white, goldenrod, and red flowers, along with tiny strawberries. The lining is white.

Spicy AgehaEdit

A purple gradience case with dull purple tulle-designed flowers. On the upper corner of each case piece is the Spicy Ageha logo, while on the bottom left corner of the back piece is the Aikatsu logo. At the corners is a dark purple vine design with roses and small leaf, along with white diamond-shaped sparkles, and purple-themed butterflies with lilac circle trails. The lining on the case is black.

Love MoonriseEdit

The box design is diamond-print with a violet coloring on top fading to a gradience of magenta and pale pink, to red and peach. The case is lined in white.

The background is plum with a gradience of lavender, pale pink, and magenta towards the center. Scattered around it are bubbles, sparkles, glitter, and small circles. The logo rests in the center of each piece, with various sized gemstones surrounding it.

Swing RockEdit

The case is lined by black, while the background is composed of dark plum with dark purple square tiles, fading into a hot pink towards the middle. Two, thick black musical trail lines are on each piece, along with a glowing yellow pair of headphones on the top left corner, a blue guitar design on the lower right, and a pink hand-held keyboard. At the center is the Swing Rock logo, while surrounding it are gold cool-type diamonds, green, yellow, pink, and blue musical notes and stars, glitters, and pearls and gems of light blue.


Touch PensEdit

Larger than a basic stylus, these special pens work the same way. Like the previous items, they began to show up late 2013.

So far, they come styled in Angely Sugar, Spicy Ageha, Swing Rock, and Love Moonrise.

Angely SugarEdit

A pale pink pen with a pink clasp on top. The Angely Sugar logo rests in the center beneath a powder blue and white ribbon. On the lower corner is the Aikatsu logo. The printing features pale pink hearts, colorful flowers, and tiny strawberries.

Spicy AgehaEdit

A purple gradient pen with a black clasp on top. The logo rests in the center, on top of a pale pink tulle shaped like a flower. Around it are light sparkles, purple-themed butterflies, and dark purple vines with roses and leaf.

Love MoonriseEdit

A gradient pen coming in light purple, pale lilac-pink, and fuchsia. The logo rests in the center and is surrounded by various size and colored gemstones and pearls. A bubble texture is printed on it, to give it a light shining effect. The clasp on top is white.

Swing RockEdit

A dark mauve pen with a black clasp on top. The logo is surrounded by glowing yellow headphones, and a glowing blue guitar, along with gold cool-type idol diamonds, stars, and musical notes.


Microfiber Cleaner Purse BagEdit

These little bags are perfect carrying tools for a 3DS or other hand-held. It is made of a smooth, soft material to double as a cleaner. Each bag has a unique design on the front and back and shut with a string pull. So far, the available styles are Dreamy Crown, Loli Gothic, and Vivid Kiss.

Vivid KissEdit

The bag is On the front, the bag has stripes of white and light yellow, while the corner is denim-blue with pale blue peach signs and tiny stars at the diagonal corners, lined by a row of pink and pale blue gems. Depicted on the striped section are various Pop-inspired designs; consisting of red, orange, blue, and green bead chains, dark green peace signs, the Vivid Kiss logo, Aikatsu! wrote in dark pink, a magenta bow with a blue sequin star, a pair of lips with kiss wrote below it, and three badges.

On the back, the bag is entirely yellow and white striped. It features the same design as the front, except with the strands of beads holding lip and star charms. The string on the bag is blue, and the tag attached is yellow.

Dreamy CrownEdit

The top and bottom of the bag are dark blue with the bottom portion holding a print of tiny light blue dots, along with a row of gems, a single yellow heart, and a gold crown. Both sections are lined by a row of pearls and white tulle; while the center is composed of a light pink diagonal striping. Scattered around the top portion are small pearl chains, white sparkle marks, circled gems, and heart gems. In the upper left corner is a pink bow with a pink gem shaped like a heart in the middle with twiny gems and pearls adorning it. In the lower left corner is a magenta and gold key design, while on the opposite side is a gold heart-shaped lock with a pearl chain attached to a bow.

The back is the same, but with coloring differences around the bottom design. The various elements from the front are in alternate locations. The pullstrings on the bag are pale pink, matching the tag.

Loli GothicEdit

The design is a striping of indigo and dark, dull purple. The logo rests in the center and is surrounded by indigo and white diamonds, white sparkles, black bats and crosses, and black vines with small blue roses. The top is black with a white design going around it, while the bottom is black and designed to resemble a gothic fence. In the lower right corner is a big, decorative silver cross; while strewn around the top are tiny white chains, one of which holds a cross, while the other holds a chandelier.

The tag and strings are red.


Protect StickersEdit

A special sticker for the inside of the 3DS LL system. They have began to be released during March 2015 and so far, only come in Loli Gothic and Dreamy Crown.

Loli GothicEdit

The box has a dark blue and lavender diamond pattern with accenting of dark raspberry in various spots. Scattered around the case are small white sparkle markings and black bats. Sumire is depicted on the lower right corner dressed in her school coord.

The stickers on the 3DS include a line pattern of dark purple and grape with black border on the top and bottom. Around it are blue roses, white tiny diamonds and sparkles, black or silver crosses, and bats. A single spiderweb with thin white lines stretches across the design.

Dreamy CrownEdit


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