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Aikatsu! the novel series is a paperback adaption of the animated series under the same name. The novel's story is based under the anime storyboard and released under Ciao Novels. Illustrations were done by Kyō Nagiri, who also did many illustration for the game previously. The first novel was released on August 8, 2013.


Ichigo Hoshimiya is a normal first-year middle-highschool girl.
With her little brother Raichi Hoshimiya and her best friend Aoi Kiriya, for the first time, she goes to the Top Idol Mizuki Kanzaki's live.

There, Ichigo is fascinated with Mizuki's stage performance.
With Aoi's invitation, she entered the school Mizuki attends, "Starlight Academy" and passed its entrance test.

Here Ichigo starts her twinkling and shining fate……!!!


  • Volume 1 Chapter 1 - From the Rice Scoop into a Mic!

List of Volumes

Please go to: List of Aikatsu! Light Novel Volumes and Chapters.

Promotion Cardlist

Card Name Royal Onepiece
Type Category Brand
Tops & Bottoms
Angely Sugar
Rarity Lucky Star Constellation/Romance/Dream/BOOM Fever
Dress Appeal Appeal Points
Rhythmical Tops 500

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